Monday, December 14, 2009

New York! Chicago! Los Angeles! Detroit.

I am so sick of people saying that Detroit is a deteriorating city with no creative opportunities. Do you know how many buildings I pass everyday that have yet to be spray-painted? But I didn’t come to Detroit to become a graffiti-spewing, gang-banging purse-snatching hooligan. I came here for a job. Yea, I know. Detroit. Of all places. Thank you, Man upstairs. To be honest, I never saw myself here. Before moving, I was a little terrified. I can’t rap like Eminem. I don’t have a bulletproof trailer like Kid Rock. I don’t have a grill. Will I get stabbed? Car jacked? Will I do the car jacking? Well it’s been about a year, and only a couple flesh wounds later, I couldn’t be happier. Funny because when I was on the job hunt, I saw myself in NYC, Chi-town or some other big city with a cool slang term. But I never thought I’d be in the “D.” But now that I’m here, I realize all the different things that make this such a unique city. So much culture, so much history, and from a creative stand point, I feel like here, I have a blank canvas. I really see myself leaving a mark here. (I just hope it won’t be from a puddle of pee when I get mugged). I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if I ended up in some other big city. If there’s anything I learned in school about advertising, it’s about positioning yourself strategically and not getting lost in the clutter. So the next time you hear any ignorant bad mouthing about Detroit, don’t think twice about it, especially if, actually sorry, gotta go. Driveby.

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