Monday, February 1, 2010

Should I buy some Sour Patch Kids or help some kid with diabetes? Hmm…

When a CVS cashier asks you, “Would you like to donate a dollar to help a child with Diabetes?” and you don’t want to, you are put in a very tough situation. It’s awkward enough that you’re buying a strange combination of tampons, pads, acne cream, sour cream and Sour Patch Kids. But on top of that, now you’re denying a poor little unknown low blood sugar baby of a dollar. And a long line of people behind you watch in disgust.

My advice is to say the following, “No, I don’t want to donate a dollar. Because I don’t care about helping children. And even if I did, I am too selfish to give one measly dollar. I’d rather spend it on an extra pack of Sour Patch Kids. Here. Add it to my bill.

And you know what? Add 10 more packs. I think later I’ll give it to some children. And I hope they all get Diabetes. Which is okay, because cashiers like you will force people to fork over their hard earned dollars from their guilt ridden hands and those insulin injecting free loaders will still have a chance.”

My point is, if you want to deny a diabetic child of help, you shouldn’t have to feel bad about it. So ignore this link and go on with your life. You soulless piece of crap.

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  1. What you don't know is that the picture is actually a kid shooting up with heroin. We'll name him Pony Boy, or maybe Corey Feldman.